Positive Vibes

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Vibes…Music Vibes to be exact. All the Christmas music just reminds me of how much I love MY type of music.  Music has been a huge part of my life. Started with classical piano when I was 6, continued on and joined my elementary and high school bands playing the drums. Now, its all about having music wherever I am. Ask anyone, if they’re over, there is music in the background. I cannot be in quiet. Same with when I design…I always play music. It keeps me going and definitely helps with long days. Definitely picked up this habit from my mom… haha Every time I’m over, there’s music. LOVE IT. Growing up on late 80’s and early 90’s hip hop, I feel like a certain genre of music stuck. It’s not you’re average song on the radio…

THE CATCH IS…the music I’m interested in may not be to everyone’s fancy. Might even give you a headache…but it does hit a certain mood for me. If I want to get the job done, I play a type of electric/house/trap track really loud (like the ones below). If I want to relax, I will actually play low beat chill house or jazz (Who even listens to that stuff anymore?! My husband and I. heh). The type of music you’ll hear below keeps me on a consistent rhythm as I work on a project. Obviously I wouldn’t play the music as a client is home, but when I can…I will. I love this music because it somehow (crazily) inspires me. Kinda feel…fierce (take beyonce out of your head).

Take a peak at some of the songs I love listening to lately. Everyone has different tastes in music…but if you like this, I intend to update my design soundtrack and possibly have it available on the website for those looking for a few new tracks to add to their workout/work collection. XM radio is totally to blame for my new finds and the amazingly awesome minds of the DJs. Notice these songs are upbeat, positive, and exciting. Not intended for sensitive ears.

Jump into my car, crank up the bass, and you’ll love these tracks:



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