An Exciting Year Ahead!


     As I sit here and make lists upon lists of goals and resolutions, I thought I’d share the great news! The new year calls for new options for those looking for more about the design and real estate world! Reason why I bring in real estate, is due in part that I’ve been so submerged in facts around the city about what’s going on with condos, houses and the market…that I thought what better way to get a bunch of information all in one place!? YAAAAS!

Coming February 2016, we will be launching the INDZGN newsletter! A perfect way to totally spam your inboxes with the utmost important information about the design world, real estate and our journey! OH, for those that like to read our blog, don’t worry. It’ll be updated as well. When I say spam, I mean the consensual process of getting what you want, where you want it. heh heh Let’s just say you’ll thank us!

Two Thousand and Sixteen is going to be an amazing year! To start off the year, we’ll be making our first appearance at the 2016 Lifestyle Home Show! Taking place at the Western Agriplex building for 3 days on January 29-31. We’ll be beautifully located at the “Boulevard of Dreams” where the major sponsor of the show and many great professionals will be! We’ll be selling pieces at our booth and answering questions you have about design and real estate. Can’t forget the new drink area at the show! So totally chic! We have a door prize for those that buy tickets AS WELL we’ll be giving visitors of our booth a ballot each to enter for a chance to win one of our beautiful booth pieces! We suggest you come. Actually, we demand you come. It’ll be fun!

Then comes February where our newsletter will be making a debut! A link will be found on our website to join the list for awesome updates.

March should be exciting as we hope to get our online store available! Get ready for some hand picked, beautiful and unique pieces. You don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to own pieces chosen by yours truly for your own space, no matter where you are!

April will bring huge additions…but I’ll keep that a secret for now. Don’t want to spill everything. I gotta stay fun and keep the suspense!

Of course as a new year begins, everyone has something they’re looking to improve on. We love chatting. Message us at to just chat about your new year goals and what you have planned! 😀


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