Take your Time


Three words I couldn’t take more seriously than now. Being an entrepreneur, you’re always on the move, always on the go, your brain is always working (24/7) and you JUST.CANT.STOP.  I guess 2016 started with a huge bang and so much has been on my mind, but I guess you wake up with epiphanies…one of mine happened to be just breathing in what’s around me. What I’ve been witnessing lately is everyone wants to do something, be successful at something, make money, be known for that something, no matter what it is. It’s like if we’re sitting and not doing anything, it feels so wrong. How could you be sitting there breathing in the world around you and trying to make sense of time? How dare you stare at your child’s face for hours and admire your daily accomplishments? Take your time.

Be busy. No one’s saying don’t be. But do it in moderation. Don’t forget about the little things and people around you. Put down your phone. Stop and breathe. I may not be old, but I do stop and have anxiety attacks about time and how everything is moving so fast. You never want to regret not taking that extra time to say I love you. Go for a walk, stare at each other without a word, sit outside and just stare at the cars or clouds…look extremely ridiculous while you do those, but just…Take your time.

I’m guilty of running out the door, talking at 100 words a minute, always being on my phone, losing contact with friends, social media being my bedtime story, having more than 3 jobs at a time, and hoping the day would just be a little longer to fit more of that greed in. GUILTY. The sense of control that consumes my days is unbearable sometimes but I move on, sleepy, tired, exhausted and think it’ll just get better and I’ll know more of what’s to come. Slow realizations that you just can’t do everything and everything can’t be perfectly planned. Part of me now is happy that I get to look like the biggest creep as I stare at my husband for no reason, or that I get to sit on my front porch and just hear the birds. Purpose for my venting isn’t to show you what my time management looks like, but more so to remind you to take at least 2 full days in your week to digest what’s around you. Life’s short.

Entrepreneurs, busy bodies, whatever you want to call yourself…

Take your Time.



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