Be Scary


      My F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E time of the year is coming. Why I’m not a Halloween baby is beyond me, but everything to do with the next 2 months is insanely exciting for me. Thanksgiving, Halloween and little kiddies trick-or-treating at my door gives me the feels! (Don’t get me wrong…Christmas is also a yummy time of the year…but I guess I can have a little more fun with Halloween and not look like a complete idiot lol). Hence the excitement of posting this so early…but I can’t help but express with someone else how happy I am. First year though, that I haven’t yet had a Pumpkin Spice Latte the minute it came out…I have yet to get one and probably will tonight. Starbucks’ is my fave of course. Pair that with banana nut bread and I’m in heaven. WHERE THE PUMPKIN PIES AT!?!?!

SO, this year I’ve planned a few DIY’s for the outside of my house. I’d totally do the inside if I was having a Halloween party at my house…but not enough friends of mine are actually as crazy as I am so I’ve never done one. BUT TOTALLY WOULD.

Just thought I’d share a little compilation of pins I’ve collected of things I’d be doing this year. Check these out! Keep posted for pics of my home all done up!


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