Coming Months


As of December 16th, I will be on maternity leave and will returning to work February 2017. What does this mean?  WE ARE BOOKING FOR FEBRUARY AND ONWARDS! If you contact/have contacted INDZGN for our holiday session, do not worry, that will be fulfilled prior to December 16th. I know Baby and I will need a little time to get to know one another, but after that we are back in business! (with some new additions may I add). This coming year should be uber exciting (minus whatever is going on in the states right now). If you’re looking to get a design consultation in or want some reno help in the new year, please do contact us as soon as possible as our months do fill up quickly.

Meanwhile, I will still be posting tips, tricks, DIY’s and of course house renos on Instagram and updating the blog now and then.

Currently finishing up some larger projects with clients, working on my baby’s nursery (so pumped) and getting the rest of my house fix-free (so I can mentally relax).

Cue in tired husband…lol.



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